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Eric Worcester Architecture is a full service architectural primarily concerned with the creation of Artful Spaces for Users.  Great attention is given to the particularity of a given site and context.  By reveling in the specificity of a location projects can establish a unique Fitness between site, program and user.

EWA is interested in the manifold aspects of Architectural, hence projects accross a variety of scales and types- Residential ranging from renovations to housing, commercial and Urbanist/Speculative.



Eric Worcester is a practicing architect and independent scholar currently living in Brooklyn, NY.  In 1999 Eric founded the interdisciplinary firm Manifold as a means to explore architecture and its wider relevance.  In 2013 Eric Worcester Architecture was formed to focus specifically on handling commissions.


Identifying the primary problem of architecture to be mediation, efforts typically involve the decomposition of the ordering systems that constitute a work.  This has the effect of opening up a space between the work and its context so that embedded categories that determine a work's potential meaning can be examined. The experiential manifestations of Manifold and the realizations of E-W-A thus involve the manipulation of the systems and techniques that direct architecture's tendency towards omniscience.


Projects by E-W-A and Manifold span a range of modalities, from architectural projects to light devices, from pseudo-monuments to works in outsider economics.  The interdisciplinary thrust of the practice is seen to parallel architectural work proper, tracking globalization and new micro-political formations with an eye toward their architectural and urban significance. 


Eric Worcester Architecture

MEx Building

33 Flatbush Ave.  6th Flr

Brooklyn, NY, USA 11217


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