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Kipsala Expo

Addition to the Kipsala Expo Center

Riga, Latvia. Competition Entry, 2017

EC House

EC House

Townhouse Addition on a narrow lot

Jersey City, NJ. Completed 2017

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CC Lobby

Residential / Commercial Lobby

Jersey City, NJ.  Completed 2016

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N3 Lobby

Residential / Commercial Lobby and Event Space

Jersey City, NJ.  Completed 2008.

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MM Gym

Gym and fitness Studio

Jersey City, NJ.  Completed 2016

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Speculative Modular Dwelling with Connection Fetish

Location:  Anywhere.  Conceived in 2011

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New Levittown

Quasi-Urban Densification for a suburban downtown 

Levittown, NY.  Conceived in 2012

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