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Status: Speculative group/stand-alone housing system
PlatyComb- Modular Housing System
Location: Anywhere

Init PlatyComb

X Addition

Y Addition

Z Addition


PlatyComb is a modular housing project that explores the aspects of luxury and survival that seem to condition contemporary urbanized habitats. It consists of a core module, a shell module and an addition. The core can permute within the shell, the shell can connect to itself in a specific number of ways and orientations, and the addition can be added onto the shell also in a specified number of ways and orientations. The modules can be decomposed and put back up in different combinations.

PlatyComb- Interiors
Section through a PlatyComb Villa

PlatyComb is based on the symmetry group of the cube. Working with the 24 proper (i.e. excluding reflections) rotations in space that preserve congruency, an initial cubic form can be 'marked' to show how the cube has changed. This 'marking' can also be used to physically reduce the number of congruent rotations. We 'mark' our initial cube by taking out a pair of opposite corners. The resulting six automorphic permutations form the working group for PlatyComb.

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